Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming and pruning requires specific knowledge, experience and equipment. Variables like ground conditions, sloping, height, width and species must all be considered. Don't trust the look of your hedges to an amateur. Leave it to a professional like Specialized Tree Care.

While it takes knowledge and expertise to trim hedges, some homeonwers consider the actual process to be only one half of the problem. The real problem comes with hedging clean up. In British Columbia, clean-up and disposal of hedge trimmings has to be a major consideration or you risk facing municipal fines.

Specialized Tree Care will dispose of all tree trimmings and have your yard looking better than ever. Many homeowners weigh the costs and time spent on trimming hedges and disposing of the trimmings on their own versus hiring a professional like Specialize Tree Care and realize that it usually makes more sense to leave the job to a professional.

To learn more about hedge trimming and pruning or to get free estimate, contact us.