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Winter Tree Q&A

Written on Wednesday, February 4th, 2015
Winter Tree Q&A

When should I prune fruit trees?

Fruit trees such as apple trees, plum trees, pear trees and cherry trees should be pruned from mid-winter to just before bud break or before leaves appear. This is called dormant pruning. In BC's lower mainland climate this is generally from late February - early April.

What can I do to keep my trees healthy?

  1. After your trees have been pruned we highly reccomend spraying them with lime sulfur horticultural oil. This is mainly used as a fungicide for disease control and as protection against insects and mites.
  2. Mulch your trees root zone with organic bark mulch or wood chips. Keep in mind that only certain wood chips should be used. Some species like spruce, fir or cedar should not be used. Mulching can do wonders to improve the health of your trees, it breaks down over time and releases much needed organic nitrogen into root systems and also works great to keep moisture levels high when summer drought is high.
  3. Slow release fertilizer should be applied in correct measurements before the growing season.

How often should my fruit tress be pruned?

Dormant pruning is done once a year in mid to late winter. In general, most trees should be pruned yearly to keep water shoots at bay.

Is it ok to buy fruit trees from big box stores?

We typically don't recommend buying fruit trees from any big box stores because they often ship their trees from Oregon or California and often have poor vigour and hidden health problems. For the best quality trees contact a local nursery or have us hand pick them for you.

My plum tree has black chunks throughout the crown. Is it diseased?

Your tree most likely has a fungal disease called Black Knot, plums are often hit the hardest. The best recourse here is to prune out all visible infected areas when the tree is dormant. Clean tools between pruning with bleach to prevent further spread.

How much does it cost to have my fruit trees pruned and serviced?

Contact us today to set up a time for a free estimate!